Our Story


 For us, great wine has always been about more than just taste. It’s something that draws us together, prompts much-needed laughter, and makes good times even better.

Maybe that’s why what started as a seemingly inconsequential garage hobby in 2010 has since become a true work of the heart – with eight acres of Colorado beauty, a full-blown event center, and California-quality wine at the center of it all.


 Meet the Sweet Hearts


David Burks

Husband, dad, God-follower, fisherman, and winemaker

David’s penchant for winemaking is rooted in childhood memories:

“I watched my grandfather make a rhubarb and dandelion wine in his basement, and it definitely kindled my curiosity. But since that time, my interest has matured into creating more traditional, full-bodied wines that I can share and enjoy with the people I love. In fact, the first wine I made was for my daughter’s wedding. I’ve been hooked ever since.”


Kathy Burks

Wife, mama, Jesus-lover, recovering CPA, and head honcho

Kathy’s love of wine is rooted in wonderful times with wonderful people:

“I started truly enjoying wine during memorable visits and meals with my aunts and uncles. To me, wine symbolizes relaxation and special times with my family and friends. A good red elevates even the simplest meal, and a bright white wine is the perfect refreshment on a hot summer day. It’s a reason to soak in all the simple pleasures of life.”


 Our labor of love

Sweetheart Winery Gala-0030.jpg

From grape to barrel, we create wines that reflect all of the love we put into them – wines that make times spent with family, friends, and loved ones that much sweeter.


We expertly source grapes from small-lot vineyards and wineries in California and Colorado.


We carefully craft, age, and bottle our wines locally, with age-old techniques for the fullest flavored wine.


We test and taste, ensuring an end product that’s authentically ours and distinctly delicious, every time.